Terms of Agreement

I understand that Palamedes is free software that may not be used for commercial purposes without express permission from the authors, and cannot be reproduced and/or distributed either in original form or in a modified form under a different name and/or authorship.

clicking here to download Palamedes signifies that you have read and agree to the terms above

... and don't forget to check back periodically for updates. Current version is 1.10.10. Type PAL_info into the Matlab or Octave command window to find out which Palamedes version you currently have. Palamedes is compatible with bare-bones Matlab (i.e., without any of the optional toolboxes) going back to older Matlab versions. Also compatible with GNU Octave.

How to get started

Unzip the downloaded file to a folder. Two subfolders will be created. The 'Palamedes' folder contains the core functions, the 'PalamedesDemos' folder contains demo scripts that demonstrate how to use the code. Add the Palamedes folder to the Matlab or Octave search path:
>> addpath('path/to/Palamedes');
(or use the menu). Navigate to PalamedesFolder (or add it to search path also) and type the name of one of the routines there, e.g.:
>> PAL_AMRF_Demo;
Our overview page lists the various functionalities of Palamedes and directs you to the demo programs that demonstrate them.